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Investment to grow business.

At Mitie, entrepreneurialism has always been at the heart of our organisation. Mitie stands for Management Incentive Through Investment Equity. Since we started over 25 years ago, we’ve been partnering with entrepreneurs to grow businesses and we’re as passionate about this today as we were when we started.

The ‘Mitie Model’ is for entrepreneurial management teams who have an idea for growing a business as a part of Mitie. It’s structured so that the management team takes an equity stake of up to 49% in a business which they grow over a five to ten-year period, and may eventually be acquired by Mitie in full.

Mitie has supported over 100 start-up businesses to grow using the Mitie model, with a 95% success rate. It has shaped our entrepreneurial culture, supported our excellent track record of growth, and provided the basis for hundreds of people to develop successful careers in outsourcing…

Interested in becoming a Mitie entrepreneur? Find out more about how the scheme works.

To learn more about Mitie entrepreneurs from people who have been part of the scheme, watch our video case studies below.


If you think you've got a brilliant idea, contact us and we'll get back to you if we'd like to take it forward.

How does the scheme work?
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