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How it works

1. You have a brilliant idea
We’re looking for entrepreneurial people who want to start businesses which will expand the range of services that Mitie provides or help us to enter new markets.

2. Create a business plan
If your idea fits with Mitie’s strategy, we’ll help you to prepare a business plan which sets out what you will do, how you will grow and how much needs to be invested.

3. Mitie invests
The business plan will go through an approval process and, if successful, Mitie will invest at least 51% of the initial capital required and your management team invests the balance.

4. Limited company integrated into Mitie structure
Your business is established and joins a division of Mitie. You’ll be sponsored by an Executive Board Director and supported by head office in the form of management expertise, equity, working capital, back office and administrative infrastructure.

5. Five - ten years of growth
With all the support of Mitie behind you, your team will grow the business over a number of years.

6. Mitie buys out employee stake
Between the fifth and tenth year, your team can request that Mitie buys your shareholding. Based on a pre-agreed multiple of post-tax profits averaged over two years, Mitie may buy your share of the business, and you would receive Mitie Group PLC shares which you can sell after two years.

After the earn-out, you continue to grow the business and progress your career within Mitie. The Mitie model has supported hundreds of people to develop successful careers in outsourcing and a large number of our senior management team have participated in equity models.


If you think you've got a brilliant idea, contact us and we'll get back to you if we'd like to take it forward.


Mitie Entrepreneurs documents

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