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What we're looking for

We’re looking to start businesses that expand the range of services we offer to our existing clients, or that will lead us into new markets.

Mitie is a strategic outsourcing company. We work with people who want to perform better - now and in the future - by looking after our clients' facilities, energy needs, and the people they're responsible for across the UK and beyond.

Our range of services is incredibly broad and we’re open to any idea that fits with Mitie’s strategy. The business idea must be for something that has the potential to attract a growing client base and can’t rely on Mitie as an internal client.

At the moment we’re particularly excited about the market opportunities in energy services, healthcare and technology. They are rapidly growing markets that have huge potential for outsourcers to provide new and innovative solutions.


If you think you've got a brilliant idea, contact us and we'll get back to you if we'd like to take it forward.


Mitie Entrepreneurs documents

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