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Our mission

Our mission is to create value across the breadth of our offer, managing our clients’ facilities and looking after their people.

We achieve this through:

Understanding client needs

We get to know our clients’ strategy and what they need from their people and their property, so we can help them to achieve their goals

Advising and designing services

We use our extensive knowledge and experience of property, workplaces and services to advise our clients on the best way forward. We apply fresh thinking to create innovative ways to live and work.

Motivating and managing people

Our fundamental skill is in getting the best out of a large and diverse workforce and supply chain, allowing a client to focus on their core objectives. Our ethos of share ownership makes us different.

Technology and systems that provide data and management information

We make sure that our people have the right technology and systems do their job properly. To manage and deliver services, we analyse and act on our own and our clients’ data to provide the best service and most efficient solutions.

Delivering value for Mitie clients, people, communities and shareholders

We provide a service that helps our clients run their organisations more efficiently. We engage with local communities to recruit apprentices, develop careers and inspire people, to benefit society as a whole. In return we are able to deliver sustainable profit that creates value for our shareholders.


Latest Annual Report and Sustainability Summary

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