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Accessibility toolbar

user guide

1. Listen with your Mouse

Point and Listen
With the "Start/Stop" buttons and symbols you can listen to the text on this website by simply pointing your mouse at the text you want to hear.

  1. To activate speech click the "Accessibility tools" button at the top of the webpage;
  2. The start/Play symbol is displayed in white and any text you point your mouse at will be read to you;
  3. To deactivate click the "Stop/Stop-Symbol" OR “X/Close” button to turn the point and listen tool off (Blue);
  4. Clicking the “Start/Play” again will reactive the talking function if disabled via the “Stop/Stop Symbol”.

2. Spoken Translation

The accessibility bar can speak 24 Languages
You can choose to hear the English text on this website spoken in another language. You can also choose to see a text translation.

  1. Click the "Translate" button on the toolbar to open the language drop down toolbox;
  2. Select the language you would like to hear by clicking on the language name;
  3. Select the “Captions” option if you would also like to see the text translated visually;
  4. Click anywhere outside of the toolbox to close languages options toolbox;
  5. Point your mouse at any text on the page, and you will hear “Speak This Site” read it in the language you have selected. You will also see a text translation appear if you have selected the “Captions” option form the toolbox.

3. Change Site Colours

You can choose to view the background colours of the site in up to 6 colours other than that of the default setting.
  1. Click the "accessibility tools" buttons at the top of the webpage;
  2. Select your preferred colour by clicking on the pallet of colours displayed on the toolbar;
  3. Click “Reset” to return to the default setting.

4. Disclaimer


Mitie strives to make every effort to provide users of our site with the best possible service and does not accept responsibility for the translation service.

If you are in any doubt about a translation that the tool has provided, especially if it regards important information such as medical or legal advice, we strongly recommend that you contact us directly.

5. Frequently asked questions

Q. What do I need to use the accessibility toolbar?
You need a modern Internet browser with Flash 6, JavaScript (both are almost always already enabled on most computers) and sound (speakers or headphones).
Q. Do I need to download anything?
The overwhelming majority of computers will already have everything you need to use the accessibility toolbar installed, so you should not need to download anything. If you do not have Flash 6 or JavaScript, however, you will need to download these.
Q. Will the accessibility toolbar work with my browser?
Almost certainly - The accessibility toolbar works with the vast majority of web browsers. As a general rule, we make all critical features available to the present and previous versions of Internet Explorer, Safari and FireFox, and we try to make as many features as possible available to any other browsers as well.
Q. What can the accessibility toolbar read?
The accessibility bar can read any text on a website, including text descriptions of images (called "alt-tags"). It can also read Microsoft Word documents and Adobe PDF files that are provided on a website.
Q. I can't hear any sound. What's the problem?
  1. Check that your speakers/headphones are plugged in and switched on and the mute function and volume setting is adjusted;
  2. Check that JavaScript and Flash version 6 (or later) are enabled on your browser (99% of Internet-enabled computers already have Flash installed).
Q. Does the accessibility toolbar interfere with screen readers?
No. The accessibility toolbar is switched off by default, so it should not interfere with screen readers. The accessibility toolbar cannot fundamentally interfere with the screen reader (e.g. at a registry level) because it is not installed on your computer.

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