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Cundall Manor School


External painting and decorating, repairs to woodwork and masonry

What was our client looking for?

Cundall Manor is a fully co-educational school catering for children between the
ages of two and a half and 16 years of age. As expected, over the past 20 years
much has changed within the school grounds and one of the most significant
changes has been an increase in the number of pupils attending, this has resulted in an increase wear and tear. In the summer of 2012 a full repaint was required and Mitie began a six year programmed painting contract.

How did we help?

Prior to undertaking the paint work, Mitie carried out minor repairs to surfaces that were in a manageable condition and carried out more specialised repairs to
woodwork and masonry.

Opting for Mitie’s Programmed Painting Service the school will benefit from a
seamless, full repaint that will be maintained to the highest standard by sectional
repainting over the next five years. This service also allows the school to accurately budget and spread the cost evenly over six years. This will help to control costs, guarantee the integrity of the finished surface and minimise repair and repaint costs long into the future.

The results

Mitie has provided a one stop shop for property repairs and decoration and
offered an integrated funding solution. The schools painted surfaces will not only
be protected over the six years but will have an attractive street appeal. The total
cost of the repairs, repaint and maintenance over the contract period is made
affordable by the Programmed Painting Service which splits the cost into six equal annual payments.

Cundall Manor

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