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Leeds City College


- Internal and external pre-paint 
- Decorations

What was our client looking for?

The client was looking for a contractor who was able to provide internal
and external painting and decorating works to its three colleges: Park
Lane; Joseph Priestly and Thomas Danby. They needed a contractor who
was reliable, able to carry out the ranges of works to diverse areas of the
colleges and who were experienced in the education sector. Mitie were
awarded this contract in July 2008 after a competitive tender process
where we proved that we could supply the works whilst being the most
competitive on price.

How did we help?

We were able to provide all aspects of internal and external decorations
and pre-paint repairs for the colleges, including works to classrooms, halls,
gyms and corridors. Due to the city centre location of the colleges we
came across a number of access issues, including pedestrianised areas
and busy main roads. We chose not to use scaffolding on this contract
because of the access issues and disruption it would cause to the running
of the colleges and instead provided external decorations using cherry
pickers and mobile towers.

We had a dedicated site delivery team on this contract, comprising
of a contracts manager, site supervisor and a flexible team of up to 6
operatives at any one time. We are able to provide up to 6 operatives for
busy periods such as the summer and Christmas holidays, and are able to
provide less during quieter periods when the colleges are occupied to
ensure that we complete the necessary works whilst causing minimal
disruption to the everyday running of the college.

The results

We successfully completed the contract on time and to the given budget.
The client was very satisfied with the quality of work and standard
of workmanship on this contract. Due to our success they asked us to
complete further work after the contract ended in March 2011, taking
the contract end date to September 2011.

Leeds City University

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