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Malvern St James


Programmed painting service; External decoration

What was our client looking for?

Malvern St James School is an independent boarding and day school for
girls aged 4 to 18. Located in Worcestershire, the school has an impressive
range of buildings that need to look their best all year round. To paint and maintain all the school buildings, our client was looking for a partner that could not only deliver a first class service, but also provide real value for money.

How did we help?

With this in mind, our client opted for Mitie’s programmed painting
services. This type of contract means we carry out minor repairs and
paint the school buildings in year one, and provide an on-going annual
maintenance service to keep the properties looking great over the entire
programme term. This allows clients to spread the cost over the full contract
length, whilst the majority of the work is done in year one. Our team of
experts have extensive experience of painting all kinds of school buildings,
from modern classrooms to historic and architecturally complex buildings.
It was our experience and flexibility that persuaded our client that we were
right for the job.

At one point during the works, specialist equipment had to be called
in because of the limited access to the high buildings in the courtyard.
However, due to the good relationship between Mitie’s Contract Manager,
who was on-site throughout the project and the school’s Site Manager,
challenges like this well managed and didn’t affect the delivery time.
Backed up by a team of painters who worked exclusively for Mitie, we had
the best people on board to ensure the project was delivered successfully.

The results

This long term partnership has kicked off to a great start with the initial
repairs and paint work completed on-time, ahead of the new school year.

Malvern st james

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