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St. Gabriel's School - flat-to-pitched roofing


Flat-to-pitched roofing

What was our client looking for?

St Gabriel’s School in Blackburn had been suffering from leaks seeping
through its flat roof for a number of years. Its flat roof allowed large puddles
of water to form, causing water to leak through the built-up felt. Our client
needed a team to rectify the problem while the school remained open
and operational.

How did we help?

After the options had been discussed with the local authority, we were
asked to carry out a ‘flat-to-pitch’ conversion at the school. Our team spent
12 weeks installing and securing a lightweight steel Dibsadeck structure,
which was then covered with new steel sheeting. Gutters and soffits were
also fitted. Our client could be sure that, as an approved Dibsadeck installer,
we had the necessary knowledge and expertise to install the new

The results

The new roofing system solved a big maintenance problem for the
school. The pitched roof allows rainwater to drain from the area completely, eliminating the problem of pooling rainwater. As well as reducing the general upkeep involved in maintaining the roof, the new  system has helped to transform the appearance of the school for the pupils, parents, teachers and the local community.

St Gabriel's School

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