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Deloitte Bristol


Cat A and Cat B fit out

What was our client looking for?

Deloitte needed a dedicated team to refurbish and fit-out their Bristol office
to create a better work environment and space. Covering 40,000 sq ft, the
programme took 14 weeks and was valued at £2.4m. As the office was
occupied during the refurbishment works Deloitte needed a contractor
experienced in adapting their practices to minimise disruption.

How did we help?

As main Contractors, we co-ordinated a wide range of specialist subcontractors
to create an exceptional workspace that reflects the profile
and image of Deloitte. Taking 2 ½ floors within a partly occupied building
in the Temple Quay area of Bristol, we installed new Optima glass partitions
throughout with very high acoustic ratings and break out areas were
formed out of bespoke joinery.

Each area incorporates the latest technology plasma screens and audio
visual packages. New under floor bus bar and data cabling was installed to
new floor box locations. The third floor formed the reception area with large
meeting facilities with specialist acoustic folding walls. The floors and walls
were clad with limestone with broadloom carpet in-fills and plasterboard
ceilings within accessible tile in-fills and specialist lighting. The latest audio
visual technology was installed within the meeting rooms with a special conference facility formed out of joinery, acoustic panelling, plasterboard
ceilings and specialist lighting all linked to the AV package. Full height
acoustically rated glass doors were provided to each of the meeting rooms
which opened out directly onto the reception area.

The results

MITIE met the challenging deadline, and exceeded the expectations of the
client. The project was subsequently given the AIS Gold Award for quality.

Deloitte Bristol

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