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Project Unity - Deloitte LLP


Interior fit out & refurbishment

What was our client looking for?

Deloitte LLP needed a dedicated team to refurbish and fit-out three
separate campus buildings to create better work environments and space.
As the offices were fully occupied during the refurbishment works they also
needed a team that they could rely on to work professionally at all times.

How did we help?

We completely transformed all three campus buildings to reflect the clients’
corporate image and uphold their professional reputation. The campus
building now has full in-house printing facilities, staff canteens, restaurant
areas and staff gymnasiums. The project also included a major upgrade
of the main plant and infrastructure services for each building, which had
to be coordinated in relation to all other works. The careful planning of
phased refurbishments ensured our customer’s business wasn’t disrupted.
By carrying out all noisy works either early in the morning or late evening,
we ensured that all of the buildings could remain fully occupied during the

The results

Despite a complicated brief, the major infrastructure and construction
works were delivered on time and on budget, without impacting Deloitte’s
normal, day-to-day operations. Better still, we created a contemporary,
practical and professional working environment for our clients’ people and

Project Unity

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