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Colchester Visual Arts


Mechanical and electrical installation

What was our client looking for?

Colchester Visual Arts Centre is a new arts facility designed by the famous architect Rafael Vinoly. With important pieces including the Berryfield Roman Mosaic, which dates from around 200 AD, having consistent temperatures and humidity is vital to the collection's preservation. They also require state of the art lighting to illuminate their valuable collection.

How did we help?

Mitie installed a new building controls system to control heating and ventilation. A central cooler plant and chillers provide the heating and cooling source, with a system of distribution pipe works serving the air handling units. Comfortable air temperatures are provided by a series of 4-pipe fan coil units discharging through a range of specially manufactured grills, with tempered fresh air being provided via an underfloor plenum void through floor level grilles.

Lighting levels are varied throughout the building to account for different needs and cold cathode, high voltage, daylight lighting and presence sensitive controls have all been installed.

Fire and intruder alarms have been installed to protect the works of art and one room containing the particularly sensitive pieces can be completely isolated in the event of an emergency.

The results...

With state of the art heating, ventilation and lighting installed, Mitie has ensured the displays will be well preserved for the public and can be enjoyed at their best.

Colchester visual arts centre

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