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Tribunals Service - Bedford Square


Refurbishment - Grade 1 listed building

What was our client looking for?

Pleased by the quality of our work undertaken at their Victory House offices,
we were asked by the Tribunals Service to refurbish their
Grade 1 listed building. Located in Bedford Square, central London, the
inevitable logistical challenges included a no-stopping zone, congestion
charging, bus route cameras and 7.00am to 7.00pm delivery constraints.
Working within a tight time frame, the works had to be carried out whilst the
building was occupied.

How did we help?

Never one to shy away from a challenging project we worked closely with
the local conservation officer to ensure our services could be delivered as
efficiently as possible. Services included retrofitting new smoke detection
and emergency lighting in the four story labyrinth of the building. We
also completed redecoration's throughout and undertook the design
and installation of new basement offices with acoustic panelling. New air
conditioning systems, energy efficient lighting and new data infrastructure
were also installed.

As this is a Grade 1 listed building it was essential for our team to work within
the constraints of a protected building. Original lath and plaster was utilised
for repairs, and conservation paint was used throughout. In particular, great
care and precision had to be taken while working with old ship joists and
oak floor boards to ensure we did not disturb any of these original features.

The results

As part of the ongoing improvements we established a waste
management plan and philosophy which led to 70% of all waste being
recycled from the works. Due to the premises being occupied during
the works we kept noise levels and disturbance to a minimum, ensuring
occupants could get on with their daily tasks.

To prevent any delays in the final stages of the project we ensured the
operation and maintenance (O&M) manual was swiftly handed over once
the project was complete. This manual contains all the adequate and
relevant information for the client or owner to operate, manage and run
the services. This is essential information required by the client to close out
the project.

Bedford Square

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