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Tribunals Service - Victory House



What was our client looking for?

The Tribunals Service was looking for an experienced team to refurbish
their Victory House building and who better to complete the work than
our dedicated team of experts. Located near High Holborn, central
London, the inevitable logistical challenges included a no-stopping zone,
congestion charging, bus route cameras and 7.00am to 7.00pm delivery

How did we help?

When it comes to providing a first-class service there is no one more
dedicated than our team of skilled experts. We go above and beyond
to ensure our services are delivered in the most efficient, non-disruptive
manner and Victory House is a prime example of how our approach is
different from the rest.

Put into practice, our flexible approach is highlighted through our
appreciation of the reception area requiring separate access for the
public and the judicial staff. With this in mind, we ensured all front entrance
reception works were undertaken outside of regular working hours, ensuring
downtimes were eradicated. In addition, during the creation of the new
room layout, with the client’s permission we ensured double skinned walls
and existing doors were utilised, saving costs and resources.

The remaining works comprised of complete re-engineering the fifth
and sixth floors including; new layouts, kitchenette areas, new data
infrastructure, passive fire protection, sound proofing and new floor
covering topped off by complex suspended ceilings.

The results

Despite the logistical and timing challenges, we delivered the project on
time and within budget. The Tribunals Services have demonstrated their
satisfaction with the works by insisting that MITIE be placed on tender lists for
future comparable works.

Tribunals Service

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