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Kingsmead Primary School


Biomass boiler installation; Building management system; CCTV security system; Hot and cold water; Lighting; Rainwater recycling system, solar panels and photovoltaic cells, ventilation; Total supply chain management.

What was our client looking for?

Kingsmead Primary School brought together a team of experts committed
to developing an environment that would use sustainable construction methods to provide an inspirational learning space for its pupils, staff and local community.

How did we help?

As part of a team, MITIE was involved from the early design stages to advise
and support the creation of a building which demonstrates the commercial
viability of sustainable design in the education sector. All the partners in the
team were respected as specialists in their field, maximising the potential of
the expertise from the group as a whole.

The results

The school incorporates innovative features such as a biomass boiler
burning reclaimed wood pellets to provide heating; a rainwater recycling
system that provides water to flush toilets; solar panels and photovoltaic
cells generating energy and showcases the variety of sustainable services
that can be designed into a building to support its future and whole life
cost, in terms of its environmental and financial impact.

Kings Mead School

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