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Constructing West Midlands


Response and planned maintenance

What was our client looking for?

Birmingham City Council is the largest local authority in the UK with a diverse
public building portfolio covering a large geographical area. The Council
launched an integrated strategy for the procurement and delivery of repairs
and capital building schemes to non-housing properties owned by the local
authority. The aim was to establish a framework that provided a high quality,
low cost, innovative delivery model incorporating all of the Council’s non-housing

Split into ‘lots’, Birmingham City Council were looking to appoint successful
contractors to the Constructing West Midlands (CWM) framework based on
their ability to perform and also their commitment to work collaboratively
with the Council and other framework members. Dubbed a ‘next
generation’ framework, the model would comprise of 9 carefully selected
contractors, each with extensive experience across a wide range of client
sectors, providing potential users of CMW with a one-stop solution for all
their construction and repairs and maintenance requirements. Any public
body utilising the framework will be benefiting from the competitively bid
commercial arrangements and significant savings on future procurement

How did we help?

Mitie Property Services were awarded ‘Lot 6 – Provision of Building Works
Reactive/Planned Maintenance (South)’ which entails a dedicated
24/7 call centre able to handle emergency responsive repair call-outs, a
bespoke integrated IT system that allows the client to access real time data
concerning performance management and key performance indicators,
as well as planned maintenance projects up to £1m in value.
Mitie continues to deliver on its obligation to provide day to day repairs
as well as a huge range of projects across the region including school
extensions, leisure centre refurbishments and the significant restoration of the
iconic fountain in Victoria Square in Birmingham.

The result

Mitie has continued to develop strong relationships with the Council,
driving efficiencies through collaborative working practices. Continuous
improvement is achieved through regular reviews of the service delivery and
fed back into the system to realise further best practice results. On a socioeconomic level Mitie has also committed to provide at least 15 trainee or
apprenticeship placements in the region and to develop small and medium
enterprises within the supply chain.

The framework continues to grow with new clients coming on board, and
Mitie continues to benefit from its success. With more local councils due to
join the framework, CWM is going from strength to strength.


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