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Sovereign Kingfisher


Repairs and maintenance

What was our client looking for?

We began delivering our Repairs and Maintenance service to Sovereign Kingfisher in 2009 for a 4 year period with a potential 3 year extension. We deliver our repairs service to approximately 8000 properties, and co-locate with our client at their office in Basingstoke. Since the commencement of our service, the partnership has been transformed to enable a transparent, predictable and successful service delivery to exist through the innovations of our TotalCare approach.

How did we help?

Approximately 18 months into the partnership a service review was undertaken to ensure it was as efficient as it could be. When we began delivering our service it was apparent that the client’s IT appointment system led the service provision instead of the needs of the resident. With Mitie’s experience of delivering Systems Thinking partnerships and in collaboration with Sovereign Kingfisher, together we set about re-designing the process to fit the needs of the residents and challenge the norm. The result is what we call our TotalCare approach to service delivery. Key features include:

  • Appointments are booked for a time that is convenient to the tenant;   
  • Operatives are given one job at a time rather than working to a daily run sheet;    Operatives are empowered to diagnose the work required and the time needed  to fix it when they arrive on site;   
  • Work planners allocate resources using our bespoke IT system;   
  • The IT system gives the work planners full visibility of demand and available resources, allowing them to make an informed decision about resource allocation;   
  • Operatives are given a bespoke van stock based on their historic usage   
  • Delivery service of additional materials or trade support so operatives can continue working on site and fix the fault first time.

The results

The introduction of our TotalCare approach to service delivery has had a remarkable impact on performance and customer satisfaction.

Our external repairs, for example roofing works has reduced from 3 weeks to3 days through correct scheduling of resources, and by reducing waste in our process we have reduced the number of live orders from 2200 to 380 Real-time reporting has enabled Sovereign Kingfisher’s surveyors to check the necessary work while it is on-going as well as after we have finished,ensuring customer satisfaction is being upheld.

Sovereign Kingfisher

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