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Major Law Firm


Reprographics; mail room; stationery; archiving.

Our partnership with a major law firm has proven to be a great success. We have jointly reduced the overall budget and in addition offered a better value of service with a structured and tailored system which fulfills our client's business requirements.

What was our client looking for?

The client wanted a full overhaul of office services within the Firm introducing detailed reporting and cost and data capture along with the introduction of modern processes and technologies.  We were asked to make a 7% total contract value saving over the 5 year period however we achieved these savings within 2 years.

They awarded the contract to us in order to enjoy a professionally managed structure, with improvements in their processes and productivity.

Additionally they wanted new technology installed to assist with their office services.

How have we helped?

  • Demanding SLA's are continuously met
  • Vendors are analysed and benchmarked
  • All documents are tracked for accountability, security and integrity
  • The mail run schedule has been restructured for more effective use of resources
  • Training programmes have been introduced to develop our people
  • Print room layout is better designed for improved workflow and document processing
  • External archiving warehouse closed with all items transferred to a professional offsite vendor for better security and compliance
  • All shift patterns, roles and responsibilities have been reviewed maximising output whilst covering the wider office hours.

Going Forward

We will be introducing further cost savings through UK overnight and international couriers, storage, stationery and paper suppliers. We are also about to purchase state-of-the-art technology to ensure that we have the best kit for our service provision. With very competitive and flexible financing solutions, our clients will be more than happy with the outcome.

In addition to the services we already provide, we are investing in the contract by implementing and funding the refurbishment of a service solutions helpdesk so that our clients can bring their queries and tasks directly to someone who can schedule the work.

There is a continuous training programme delivered to all our onsite teams which we take very earnestly. Ongoing training enables us to stay at the forefront of the FM industry with cutting edge tools to maximise our services.


"Can I just say a huge thank you on behalf of the team, for your efforts with the event at the beginning of the week. We didn't have a great deal of notice for the printing and deliveries of certain resources, so without your valuable help that Monday morning, we definitely wouldn't have been ready for our kick-off at 9:30am!"

"Dealing with the messengers on a daily basis, I find that they are doing a tremendous job, working very efficiently, whilst continuing to provide a friendly, helpful and prompt service. They are an asset to us all."

"I have been contracting since 2000 and worked within many companies. I have never known such an efficient stationery department."

"Your staff have been very quick in collecting my boxes and very helpful with the whole process. Thank you."

"MITIE staff are always helpful and friendly. If they can't help then they will still point you in the right direction of someone who can."


Call us on +44 (0) 7990 083459 to discuss your needs in more detail. Or submit an enquiry below.

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