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Security personnel

Providing a new vision for security at UBS, across 15 sites.

What was UBS looking for?

UBS wanted a new vision for security across its 15 sites in the capital. The buildings vary in function including corporate administration, data centres and client facing buildings. A solution was needed to address the perception of crime levels across the estate and prevent any unauthorised access. A ‘one size fits all’ approach wouldn’t do.

How did Mitie help?

We offered a partnership. Our team and UBS redefined the security provision to offer a secure and safe environment for all staff, visitors and clients, allowing business activity to continue whilst maintaining confidentiality, and availability of UBS assets and information. Forming an effective communications strategy enabled us to achieve the goals and objectives we set with UBS. As part of the new vision, Mitie supported UBS in meeting its objectives by submitting regular progress reports and challenging current practices to provide UBS with alternative solutions. A crime reduction officer was employed to strengthen links with the City of London Police. Training became a priority: ranging from a site specific three-day induction to specialist fire panel training in a unique dedicated fire panel training room.

The results

The numbers of false fire alarms has been reduced; a building evacuation would have a significant impact on business operations and potential revenue loss. Further cost and time savings through standard operating procedures, a heat map to prioritise issues in the bank, and KPIs at above 85% are tangible evidence of the high level of service. These elements have been so successful for the security team that other UBS departments are using them for their suppliers.

A highly trained member of our security personnel team

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