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Mitie achieves Carbon Trust Standard

15 July 2016

Mitie, the facilities management company, has been awarded certification to the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon, for its work on successfully measuring, managing and reducing its carbon footprint.

The Carbon Trust Standard is globally recognised as an independent certification of a company’s progress in taking action on greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrating that the company has not only adopted good practice but has equally shown real achievements in managing and reducing its carbon emissions year-on-year.

Mitie achieved an 8.1 per cent absolute reduction in its footprint for the compliance period ending 31 March 2016, and received the highest carbon management score in its sector.

Achieving certification and reducing its carbon footprint is the result of a number of positive steps Mitie has taken to reduce its environmental impact - this includes:

•    The implementation of a robust system for monitoring and controlling fuel consumption
•    Increased investment in fuel efficient vehicles
•    A strong employee engagement and training strategy
•    Clear commitment to drive sustainability throughout its supply chain

Begum Kurkcu, Sustainability Manager said:  “We are delighted to receive our first Carbon Trust stamp for the whole Mitie group.  We embed sustainability in every part of our business and every interaction that we have with our clients, therefore, it is great to get an external verification which validates our efforts.

“It is essential to highlight that through the Carbon Trust’s feedback report we learn about the areas we are performing well in but, more importantly, this report will allow us to better understand the areas that we need to improve on to perform even better.”

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust, said: “As a business that provides professional facilities and energy management services, you would expect Mitie to be good at reducing energy use and carbon emissions from its own operations. We are therefore delighted to be able to award Mitie certification to the Carbon Trust Standard, independently recognising the real achievements the company has made in making year-on-year reductions in carbon emissions.

“I would like to congratulate everyone in the business that has contributed to this award, as well as those working with Mitie’s clients to support them on their own carbon reduction journeys.”


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For further information, contact:

Lauren Hepburn, Investor and Public Relations Manager, Mitie Group plc
T:+44 20 3123 8720

John Telling, Corporate Affairs Director, Mitie Group plc
T:+44 20 3123 8673    E:

Mitie achieves Carbon Trust Standard

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