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Mitie's document management business rebrands as Mitie Connect

15 December 2016

Mitie’s document management business is today announcing the re-brand of its business. Re-named Mitie Connect, the rebrand is designed to better reflect how the business enables its clients to adopt innovative ways of managing information and documents.

Mitie Connect is already well-regarded as a trusted client partner and is focused on embedding innovation into established businesses. Recent work includes the implementation of Hybrid Mail into the second largest Local Authority in the UK, and new mail tracking technology into numerous clients.

With a dedicated team to finding innovative ways to improve services for clients, Mitie Connect recognises that emerging technologies, including AI are applications that will become more ubiquitous within business, and can be applied in the facilities management (FM) space. While there will be a strong focus on digitisation, traditional document management services will remain available to all clients.

Paul Foster, Principal Technology Evangelist, Microsoft, highlighted that: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon become business as usual. We will use natural conversation to interact with AI services, to improve our day to day existence by making things easier and more efficient. AI services are the next generation of tools that enable, not replace us.”

James Gilding, Managing Director, Mitie Connect said: “The connected world offers a huge amount of opportunity for us to evolve the delivery of our services and truly enhance the benefits to our clients. We are looking forward to delivering innovative document management solutions to our clients and teams.

“This event has been a turning point for our business and we are all dedicated to making Mitie Connect the chosen partner for any business looking to innovate their document management.”

A snapshot of the Mitie Connect service was revealed to an exclusive audience of industry leaders from TBS Mobility, Microsoft, Vodafone and Samsung. The event focused on the future of technology and included a demonstration of how AI, sensors and wearables can support humans in the workplace, not only to drive efficiencies within the business, but to create a business that tomorrow’s clients and workforce will come to expect as standard.

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For further information, contact:

Lauren Hepburn, Investor and Public Relations Manager, Mitie Group plc

T:+44 20 3123 8720

John Telling, Corporate Affairs Director, Mitie Group plc
T:+44 20 3123 8673

Mitie's document management business rebrands as Mitie Connect

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