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CarbonCare is a full range of integrated energy services that will help you manage your organisation’s energy use, reduce running costs and lower your carbon footprint. Alongside other environmental services Mitie offers such as water and waste management, it provides a powerful package of outsourced services designed to deliver a more sustainable future.

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The CarbonCare difference

The difference with Mitie is that we not only help identify the issues and the main sources of energy waste, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to manage and deliver the solutions. No-one offers a larger range of energy services in-house than Mitie. Our services range from strategic consultancy through to operational and technical delivery – like collecting and analysing energy data, installing smart meters, and investing in renewable energy. We’ll measure and determine your carbon exposure, develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your particular business, and help you eliminate waste, reduce costs, and identify effective clean energy alternatives.

A tailored solution

Your organisation is pretty unique. Your culture, specific business needs and economic drivers all dictate a different approach to the carbon reduction challenge. So whether you occupy a factory, a hospital, a call centre or manage social housing stock, we adapt our approach to suit your situation. We know we can make it work because we’re already delivering for hundreds of clients in all these areas. The real advantage of CarbonCare is that it brings everything together in one place, from strategy, to delivery, to long-term performance improvement. We have experience and know-how in a whole range of different aspects of energy and carbon management, which means we’re confident we can assemble the right combination of services.


Contact us to discover how our energy services can help you achieve your business goals.

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40% of the UK’s CO2 is produced by buildings of which approximately half is from offices and commercial buildings

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