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Energy management consultancy and strategy

Utilyx is Mitie’s strategic energy consultancy.

Our energy consultants are experienced in every aspect of energy, from understanding energy markets and responding to regulation, to achieving energy savings and self-generating power from renewable technology. This industry-leading knowledge empowers us to help you no matter how extensive your energy needs.

The starting point is energy strategy development, which means we’ll work with you to identify the issues, and develop a roadmap. We combine desk-based research with practical expertise to find straightforward answers to complex issues and tailor the plan to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Our approach focuses on three main pillars:

Buying better: securing energy supply, limiting price risk and managing bills

Using less: increasing efficiency and cutting consumption

Generation: creating power onsite through decentralised generation and renewable technologies

Once the strategy is in place, we’ll present the robust evidence that you need to make your investment case. We’ll then agree a clearly-defined scope of work and tangible outputs, and determine between us the best way that we can work together. We can develop a comprehensive and effective carbon reduction and energy management strategy for your organisation, from priorities and performance, to implementation and measurement.

We’ll then agree suitable performance targets and monitor your progress against them, so that we can refine and adjust your strategy as circumstances change, and new challenges emerge.

Everything we do is tailored with your requirements in mind. Whether you need technical insights or desk-based analysis, we can offer extensive theoretical know-how and unrivalled practical experience in the energy industry.

Visit Utilyx’s website for more information on our energy consultancy and strategy capabilities.

Energy consultancy

Contact us to find out more about our energy services.

Contact details

Energy services team

The Counting House, 1st Floor, 53 Tooley Street

T: 020 7001 7004

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At least 5% of energy is lost through inefficient transmission from power station to user across the grid.