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Understanding exactly when and where you use energy and targeting savings is the first step in developing your energy management programme.

Our Analytics range of services helps you review, monitor and forecast your energy consumption and costs both in individual buildings and right across entire portfolios.

Our expert team can provide the following:
•    Review your current energy use
•    Check your previous bills to ensure you haven’t overpaid in the past
•    Provide a clear picture of your energy consumption patterns

Seeing when, where and how you use energy will enable you to make energy savings as well as identify opportunities to avoid higher tariffs by changing your consumption patterns.

We offer a range of services which provide businesses with 24/7 online access to all their energy data in one place.  We also use sophisticated software tools, developed by our team, to track and forecast the return on investment you can expect from energy-saving investments such as metering solutions or on-site generation.

Investing in understanding your energy consumption is the best way to drive cost savings and identify which energy initiatives your business will get the best rate of return from.


Contact us to discover how our energy services can help you achieve your business goals.

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