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Compliance consultants

Staying compliant with the building legislation is vital in order to sustaining safe, robust and legally compliant operations. With extensive experience in providing compliance services for some of Britain’s biggest businesses, we can help take the strain out of keeping your estate compliant.

We provide comprehensive technology led, evidence based auditing services. This is complemented by our web based risk register, providing organisations with an end to end compliance risk management solution.

We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading compliance consultants

Our solutions help ensure our clients are legally compliant with all relevant building regulations and legislation, whilst driving down costs by providing intuitive and robust reporting systems, to allow them to quickly identify and allocate high risk issues to be rectified.

All our technologies are developed by our in-house development teams. Our handheld technologies are developed to ensure the auditors follow very specific methodologies and structures. This guarantees that every audit is comprehensive and nothing is missed

Interested in our technology-led compliance services? Contact us today for more information.

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For more information please enquire below.

Mitie Compliance technologies
Bespoke technology

Developing our own technology allows us to be flexible and deliver clients what they want rather than be constrained by the limitations of a 3rd party software.

Mitie Compliance auditors
Our team of experts

In our extensive nationwide auditing team, each auditor has specific expertise and knowledge, allowing us to allocate the right auditor to the right job.

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