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Compliance auditing services

We believe that issues and risks identified from an audit should always be evidenced. We pride ourselves on delivering detailed, accurate compliance audits that help organisations to view and resolve high-risk issues efficiently.

We use the latest technology to offer comprehensive, evidence-based auditing, helping to provide business with critical compliance audits and asset management, in a method and style which is unique to Mitie Compliance. This allows clients to view, manage and maintain live and historic data, in a sustainable, cost effective environment.  

Over the last ten years, we have continued to develop and enhance our auditing and data collection tools, in order to meet business demands for in-depth information. This supports the ever growing body of legislation, controls and requests for detailed management information.

We’re continuously introducing cutting edge technology to our compliance audit service

Traditional methods of auditing and data collection, carried out using a clipboard, pen and paper, with little or no photographic evidence, do not meet these demands and are open to errors. Reports are often written days after the audit, leaving auditors trying to remember which photographs relate to which observations.  To avoid this difficulty many auditors reduce the number of pictures taken (evidence) and observations they make.

Our tools provide the functionality to collect vast amounts of data without the need for secondary report writing. All issues identified or assets recorded, are accompanied by time and date-stamped photographs. The tools also allow our auditors to plot assets or issues when they are found, on digital plans of customer buildings.

Compliance auditing from one of the UK’s leading outsource companies

We understand that our client’s time is valuable and we try, wherever possible, to ensure that we do not take up too much of it. We have developed a pre-audit solution that allows our clients to answer questions regarding policies and procedures at their convenience, in advance of the on-site audit. This dramatically reduces the time our auditors will require from senior staff during the audit.

If you have any questions about our auditing methodology or wish to see how we can help you, contact us today  for more information.

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