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Building condition surveys

Having a large estate can bring many different challenges - but with our leading building condition survey service, you can bring your whole estate to your fingertips.

Using our bespoke technology, we photograph every area of a building, and where required collect the gross internal area (GIA). This approach allows estate managers to view all sections of a building without leaving their office.

Enjoy advanced building risk assessment carried out by industry leaders

Our assessors capture time and date stamped photographs of any visual condition anomalies, such as damp, cracks, broken ceiling tiles, etc. enabling clients to see the development of issues as they arise and direct surveyors or maintenance staff to the location of the problem.

Once the information is collected, the data is uploaded to Direct Audits allowing clients to see issues by Priority Risk Level and view any area of a building to see its current condition and to manage and plan works.

To find out more about out effective and time saving building risk assessment, contact us today
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Building condition

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