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Contractor management & Quality Control

We believe our customers should get value for money from every service provider they engage. Our contractor quality control audits provide our clients with a means to investigate SLAs and ensure that funds are allocated wisely.

Most businesses rely on the contractors themselves to self-audit their work. Our contractor management solution provides an objective, independent view of the quality of works undertaken, which supports businesses if challenged by organisations such as the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Technology driven contractor management

Our contractor management service offers businesses an interactive and evidence based system. Using our unique auditing tools, we can decisively collect comprehensive information for each location. The service includes an initial benchmark audit of quality expected which our team refer to for photographic or video evidence of how each area or item should look during periodic assessments.

Simple and hassle free contractor audits you can rely on.

Our method and state-of-the-art tools ensure accurate and objective ratings that are always supported by time and date stamped photographs. We give you the power to manage and improve your services using tangible evidence and a consistent record which can be referred to from our software, ‘Direct Audits’, at all times and from any device.

We can provide contractor quality control assessments for your security services, catering provisions, cleaning standards, waste and equipment – click here to contact us today.

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