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Building Regulations Part M Audits

We aim to help our clients by delivering practical and commercially viable solutions which empower them to reach and surpass their equality and diversity goals, and empower individuals in their daily lives.

Accessibility is an often ignored, but it is a crucial element to any business or service provider. The Equality Act 2010 places an anticipatory duty on service providers to ensure that the services they provide are accessible to all who may wish to use them.

Fully compliant accessibility audits

Our Part M accessibility audits are based on the expectations of the Equality Act 2010, Building Regulations Part M, and BS 8300:2009. Audits can be conducted to include public areas, staff areas, and can accommodate locations such as hospitals and care centres which often have privacy and security issues.

We include the following in our Part M assessments:  

  • Built environment,
  • Alternative formats and documentation, 
  • Fixtures and fittings, 
  • Acoustics and lighting

Our reports are presented through Direct Audits which provides you with a visual record of our observations and the resultant recommendations to improve your accessibility. Each entry can be individually managed and updated as changes are made, providing a full record that can be referred to from any device, at any time.

We also offer the following services in relation to Part M audits:

Internal routing - We will complete step by step photographic routing from entry points to key internal areas, or from key internal areas to other key internal areas. Our team overlay the photographs they collect with directional arrows and make notes to assist users and create a step-by-step representation of their journey.

External routing - We will detail step by step photographic routes from key local transport points to key entry points. This helps to improve the confidence of new visitors by making them aware of unknown terrain which might impact their visit, such as bollards, uneven terrain etc.

Wayfinding plans - We are able to use existing CAD drawings to create digitalised plans of a building. This gives users a holistic overview, allowing them to navigate and map their journey in advance, hover over areas for a photographic representation.

IFI accreditation - Working in partnership with the English Federation of Disability in Sport, we are able to assess and award leisure facilities with an Inclusive Fitness Initiative award for compliance. The award is separated into three achievable standards; provisional, registered or excellent. After a two week resolve time during which we assist the client to achieve as high a level as possible, a plaque and certificate will be given to declare the location IFI Accredited.

For more information on our Building Regulations Part M Audits, contact us today.

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