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Wayfinding design & signage

Businesses around the world cannot ignore the impact that the global economy is having on peoples spending patterns, and therefore their business revenues. Communicating the access and facilities available at your location provides invaluable information to a large target market – as one of the country’s leading wayfinding consultants; we can help you achieve these goals.

We have over a decade of experience in communications solutions that are easy to use and deliver a rapid and continuous return on investment.

We run a family of successful websites under the ‘Inclusive’ brand., and all promote access information to the public for a range of building types, from accessible public toilets to stores with baby-changing facilities. was the Mayor of London’s official access portal for the 2012 games, detailing the facilities available across London.

Let our leading wayfinding consultants deliver advanced solutions for your business

We display the information in a variety of ways, from detailed building plans with drill down features, to step by step photographic routing. All services can be enhanced by the application of 180 degree photography, which allows people to view what they want to view, rather than a static image we have chosen to display.

Our websites are supported by two very popular apps. Inclusive London and Inclusive Britain are free to download and use, and allow people to access information while out and about. Inclusive Britain was awarded ‘app of the week’ by the Sunday Times due to the rich data available to tourists.

For more information about our wayfinding services, contact us today.

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