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Lone worker protection

Protecting your greatest asset - your people

As an employer you have a legal responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare at work of all of your employees. As part of this you have a duty to conduct a lone worker risk assessment, and take steps to ensure that lone workers are not at more risk than other employees.

As part of Mitie’s total security management business and powered by our LoneWorker Manager platform, we have a range of modules to suit the lone workers within your business including pro-active protection with desktop and mobile heartbeat, and re-active protection with push for help. Our modules work on existing devices and networks which means your preliminary costs may be less than you think, and our BS 8484 accreditation guarantees a police response if required.

For more information on any of our lone worker solutions, enquire now, or call a team member on 0845 602 6955.

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