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Rat Control

No matter what the size of your facilities or the scale of the problem you face, our leading rodent pest control teams are able to effectively rid your business of mice and rats.

Drawing on decades of experience in providing expert rodent removal services, we are able to systematically target and exterminate the presence of vermin, as well as offering intelligent prevention measures – ensuring your business is protected from the costly ramifications of rodent infestations.

From keeping employees safe from harmful pathogens, to preventing expensive property damage, dealing with rodent issues quickly and efficiently is vital – something which our expert teams specialise in.

Discover an intelligent approach to rodent pest control

Rats and mice have the ability to adapt themselves to almost any environment and nearly always have an adverse effect by spreading diseases, damaging property and causing physical contamination through droppings. Using a strategic based approach, we’re able to deal with infestation problems of every scale:

  • From day one, our teams establish traps and baits at key areas to protect high risk elements of your estate

  • Utilising a variety of specialist traps, rodents are either killed instantly or within four to six days

  • Throughout this process, our teams proactively check all traps laid in your estate; in high risk facilities, this will be performed as often as a weekly routine

More than just a rodent removal service

With rodents more resistant to treatments than ever before, modern day rodent removal requires prevention processes that are just as thorough as extermination strategies. Here at Mitie, we are able to offer comprehensive commercial rodent proofing, to ensure that once rats are mice are removed they don’t return.

Our leading service technicians are able to locate and identify rodent resting points, utilising a series of both steel fittings and cutting-edge thixotropic pastes to prevent rodent entry. From small business premises to vast commercial estates, there is no facility too large for our expert pest teams.

Don’t let your business and profits suffer at the hands of a rodent issue – contact us today  to find out how our expert pest control teams can help you.

The two main rodent pests to look out for are:

The Common Mouse – 2.5 cm in length and vary from brown to grey in colour;


The Common Rat –7.5-10 cm in length and vary from grey to brown to black in colour. 


For more information about our services please call 0845 017 1069.

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6 bites per second!

Brown rats can produce 6 bites per second and exert a pressure of 7,000 pounds per square inch when gnawing

Mice are never far away

Mice rarely travel more than 20 feet from their nest. This means that if you find mice in your house, the nest is probably in the house as well.

Rats are great swimmers

A rat can swim for 3 days before it drowns.

18,000 dropping!

In just 6 months, 1 pair of mice can eat up to 4 pounds of food and deposit as many as 18,000 droppings.

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