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Mitsm – innovation for operational excellence

Mitsm is our daily operational tool giving our people access to the information they need to excel in their roles.

Our people access their personal accounts via secure online access, giving them a quick, easy and paperless way to submit and approve requests, manage schedules and calendars, and prepare key performance information for clients.

Mitsm has tailored functionality depending on the role our people do and access permissions are set to match the level of information required.

Giving our officers the tools they need to be the best

Communication and engagement with our people is what makes our approach to contract management different. It’s really easy for our officers to get in touch with their manager; submitting queries is simple and is done in real time so their manager will see these as he/she logs on throughout the day and can respond there and then.

Mitsm is their hub for information too: whether they want to know the latest business developments or catch up on general news they can do this with Mitsm. Every piece of communication in the business is uploaded to Mitsm so our people are always kept up-to-date with what’s going on in Mitie.

Day-to-day management made simpler and more efficient

Our operations managers have a busy schedule and Mitsm helps them to access all the information they need all in one place and pretty much anywhere using 3G-enabled tablets. This means they are constantly in touch with their people and can keep up-to-date with all contract needs.

We think it’s just as important for our clients to be able to access information about security quickly and easily too

Mitsm enables clients to access:

  • Custom dashboards;
  • An overview of recent activity;
  • Account manager welcome and contact details;
  • Mitie news and information;
  • Site visit logs and access to KPI forms;
  • KPI centre consisting of custom client performance charts;
  • Site calendars (work history and schedules); and
  • eLearning modules.







Mitsm homepage
Mitsm homepage
KPI centre
KPI centre
Calendar and schedule
Calendar and schedule