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Workplace+,  innovation for operational excellence

Workplace+ is our unique system for managing all operational tasks such as holiday requests, pay queries, uniform ordering, and scheduling.

Workplace+ received the Security Excellence Innovation of The Year Award based on its ability to transform officer engagement with the business, to provide clear information for clients, and to increase operational efficiency through time, travel and paper saving developments.

You will stay up to date as Workplace+’s client information centre is bespoke to you and your contract. You can view Mitie and industry news, site calendars, and access management information including key performance indicators with easy to read graphs and charts.

Our management team now has access to all the information they need while on the go, saving time on travel as they no longer need to go back to the office everyday, meaning more time spent with our clients and officers on site.

Worplace+ has revolutionised the way we engage with our officers; it is their hub of information too. They can access the latest business and industry developments, view their schedule, submit holiday and uniform requests, and message their operations managers online.


And now it’s mobile…

The mobile version of the site is in support of our commitment to enabling our people to work in the most effective way. With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, the security operations team can now be truly mobile, logging incidents in real-time with photographic evidence, as well as using auditable patrol tagging and instant reporting via the Workplace+ platform.

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