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Water treatment

We have the fastest growing water compliance business in the UK, providing a single source for all your water needs. From water testing and treatment, to water hygiene, we can call upon years of experience in providing a market-leading specialist water testing service.

water treatment 3

We also provide advice and consultancy through to microbiological sampling, water system analysis and the delivery of chemical solutions. We really are your one stop shop when it comes to water compliance.

We lead the market in our use of technology; our technicians conduct on-site monitoring of water quality and microbiological testing using the latest hand-held technology. These include intelligent digital pens that recognise standard water report forms, and can instantly record and transmit data to our back-office systems, for real-time reporting.

We can do everything from boiler and cooling tower programmes, to ACoP L8 standard domestic monitoring and Legionella risk assessments. None of our competitors can provide such a broad range of services in-house.


For information about our products and services call us on 01252 832347 or email

Water treatment

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