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Strategic outsourcing

What sets us apart is our ability to create efficiencies for our clients in different, innovative and often ground-breaking ways.

Strategic outsourcing starts with the analysis of your business strategy and your property data. This produces an investment and property strategy and results in a decision on the most efficient way to operate your property assets. How you choose to operate your assets will depend upon your own circumstances but can range from single service delivery all the way through to integrated facilities management.

Mitie's approach to strategic outsourcing

For Mitie, strategic outsourcing combines an innovative approach to investment, property and integrated facilities management to create something genuinely unique. Everything we do is geared to meeting the outsourcing needs of our clients and we work in close partnership with them to provide everything from strategic consultancy to service delivery.

Effective data management

Find out how our innovative management information helps to support our services and clients' property strategy.


Get in touch with our strategic outsourcing team for more information.

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