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Miworld is a Mitie's web-based business intelligence and account management portal. Miworld leverages the concepts of ‘Big Data’ and aggregates information from our core FM services and systems in one consistent, easy-to-use portal. This allows our clients to monitor, manage and act strategically on information presented across their entire property estate.

As well providing top-level analysis of the big picture via a series of dashboards, Miworld allows you to drill down to interrogate greater levels of detail, to slice and dice reports using criteria most relevant to your business – by unit, by site, by service, by region.

Using Miworld for Management Information enables strategic decision making to optimise FM operations, drive performance and estate value by allowing central monitoring, management and trend analysis of utility costs, property costs, space usage, maintenance, work attendance and resolution, QHSE, finance and much more.

Presenting insightful analysis across the FM spectrum gives our clients and service teams the ability to pinpoint problem areas, learn from successful new ideas and act to create meaningful change, bringing value to our clients and our own operations. Miworld provides the ability to proactively mitigate bottlenecks and potential issues before they arise.

Miworld - bringing FM data to life to drive smarter, more strategic decision making. For more information about Miworld, watch our video or get in contact by emailing

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