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CEO Overview

Focusing on stakeholders

Sustainable, profitable growth is at the very centre of Mitie’s approach. It defines both what we do and how we do it.

Our sustainability strategy is inextricably linked to our corporate strategy. We work hard to minimise any negative impacts we may have on our stakeholders while adding value every step of the way.

A long-term business

We are building a business that will deliver benefits – not just today or next year, but for the long term. Looking to the future is a way of life at Mitie, and enhancing diversity and talent management plays an increasingly important role in helping us continue to seize opportunities.

Every day I am inspired by our young talent. They constantly challenge the status quo and bring about better ways of working. It is their dynamism and vibrancy that we have captured in our brand refresh. Supported by our new values of excel, challenge and inspire, the new brand reflects the spirit of Mitie and what makes us different.

A year of achievement

Because our people work across a multitude of sites, communication and engagement can be real challenges for us.

During the year, we carried out a workforce survey to identify how we can best improve communications and give our people the information they need, via their preferred channel. We have analysed the initial conclusions of the report and developed a strategy which will enable us to engage with our people and educate managers around leadership and inspiration.

I was particularly proud to launch the Women of Work (WoW) network in 2014. WoW is a special interest group that aims to raise the profile of women at Mitie, while helping them grow in confidence and meet new colleagues.

It was also good to see our commitment to diversity receive a further boost through a new partnership with Remploy, the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services to people who experience complex barriers to work.

In addition, we have continued to do all we can to help unemployed people find work. The Mitie Foundation celebrated its first anniversary in May 2014 and in the last year has found work for 38 unemployed people and supported careers events at more than 100 schools.

However, the year was not only characterised by internal initiatives which focus our own minds on sustainability issues. We also worked alongside several clients to help them achieve their own sustainability targets. This is an increasing trend and we welcome the opportunity to showcase our achievements and use our framework to understand our clients’ visions and move them towards a more sustainable future.

Looking ahead

Building a profitable yet sustainable organisation is one of the greatest challenges facing a modern business. Together, our corporate and sustainability strategies work hand-in-hand to drive performance while minimising any negative impacts we may have on our stakeholders. This has been a period of significant achievement and I would like to thank our people for their tireless work and enthusiasm, which is making our business more sustainable year-on-year.

Ruby McGregor-Smith cbe
Chief Executive
Ruby CEO
Mitie is a Times top 50 Employer for Women


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