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We look after our clients properly, delivering a world-class service that creates long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships, as well as focusing on their social and environmental goals.

What we've focused on

Sustainable development
When it comes to our clients, it’s not enough to prove that we are a sustainable business; we need to be helping them realise their sustainable vision too. Over the last year, we have worked in partnership with clients to develop a unique framework to demonstrate we understand their sustainable ambitions and fully collaborate to make them successful. To date, we have engaged with 17 clients, which represents 29% of our total revenue.

In each of the identified contracts, we’ve appointed Sustainable Development Managers, who are responsible for coordinating all the activities within the framework, promoting best practice and encouraging knowledge sharing via monthly site meetings, network calls and biannual forums.

Client relationship management
We launched an internal campaign called Miclient – to encourage everyone at Mitie to think, and do something, about client retention. By putting operational excellence at the very centre of everything we do, our customers will be part of an experience that goes above and beyond that provided by a typical service provider.

Independent research
During the first quarter of 2013, we commissioned an independent research programme among senior property and facilities directors to develop a closer understanding of the issues and opportunities they face. The results can be accessed here.

2020 target

Improve client satisfaction to achieve a Net Promoter Score of 25%

Performance highlights


Net Promoter Score


of revenue engaged with us through our Sustainable development framework


calls handled by 24Seven

Looking ahead
We aim to utilise our sustainable development framework to drive sustainable practices across the current contracts and extend this to all new clients with sustainability high on their agenda as they come on board.

We will actively support Mitie Foundation activities where they deliver against our clients’ commitments. The Foundation’s objective next year is to place 70 people from our Ready2Work and work experience programmes on client sites. 
Sustainable development framework at Vodafone

Sustainable development

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