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What we've focused on

We recognise diversity as a key differentiator within the FM sector and maintain a focus on gender balance through involvement with internal and external schemes promoting equality. These include our membership of WISE (Women In Science and Engineering), our partnership with Working Knowledge, and an externally-chaired diversity steering committee, supported by a network of diversity champions throughout the organisation.

Women in work
Chaired by our very own CEO, Ruby McGregor- Smith, the Women’s Business Council (WBC) was set up in 2012 to advise Government on the best ways to optimise women’s contribution to UK economic growth. This year, Mitie played an integral role in producing two WBC reports, the initial full report and the follow-up version.
Our internal response to the Council’s recommendations include both an increase in the number of employees involved in student-employer engagement programmes and the creation of a Women of Work special interest.

2020 target

Achieve a 90% diversity score based on Mitie’s proprietary model.

Performance highlights


diversity score


increase in student - employer engagement programmes


year running in the Times top 50 Employers for Women


Looking ahead

Over the coming year we will implement a better structure and standard processes across our business when it comes to diversity. We will also aim to have better visibility of our rising stars across the business and any specific development they may need.

We’ve recently partnered with Remploy, the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services to people who experience complex barriers to work. We will work closely with Remploy to provide work experience opportunities, share information, and develop a range of appropriate recruitment processes to attract disabled talent.
Women of Work

Mitie's Women of Work Committee was established in October 2013 to raise women's profile in business.

Women of Work

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