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What we've focused on

Every year we carry out an employee engagement survey, Misay. This year, the most improved scores were in the reward and recognition section, which is great to see as we have been working hard in this area.

With ongoing acquisitions and a remote, diverse workforce, delivering effective and efficient internal communications to Mitie people is challenging. This is why we launched Project Engage, an independent audit of our internal communication strategy, messages and channels.

The audit comprised a mix of qualitative and quantitative surveys as well as desk research and in-depth workshops The main priorities following the research have been to implement regular communications fromsenior leaders across Mitie and a focus on communication for managers, giving them the tools to deliver key messages to their teams.

We held six employee roadshows, delivered by our senior directors and attended by over 1,000 Mitie people across the country. The roadshows will now happen annually and we’ve also introduced five regional forums every quarter to make sure those messages are cascaded to that all important middle management level.

2020 target

Achieve a 90% employee engagement score based on Mitie’s proprietary model.

Performance highlights


employee engagement  score


people attended the Mitie employee roadshows


of people surveyed were registered on Milife

Looking ahead
The results of the Misay survey have thrown up some areas we need to address over the next year. Our employees told us they are very clear about what is expected of them in their role but they sometimes lack the tools to do the job well.

We currently have two employee information platforms. Our objective in the next three years is to merge both platforms to ensure all Mitie employees have the same tools available to them.

We will implement a number of projects coming out of the findings from Project Engage, making sure the communications we send to our people are relevant and interesting to them.


Milife was developed to allow our people to find the information required to deliver a world-class service.


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