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Stakeholder engagement

Dialogue and engagement helps us understand and address the issues that are important to our stakeholders, from our shareholders and investors, to our clients, employees and the wider community. We engage with our stakeholders through both formal and informal communication methods, including social networking.

We are absolutely committed to delivering value to our customers by building long-term relationships, providing high-quality services, and carrying out our business responsibly. We also take measures to minimise and mitigate the impact that our business has on the natural environment, and work with our clients and suppliers to drive down their environmental impacts too.

We want to build a reputation that enhances our brand and makes us attractive to shareholders, customers and future employees in the long term. Our sustainability programme is a genuine competitive advantage for us, and particularly important for clients who also place a high priority on sustainability.  As such it contributes to our profitable growth in the future.
We engage regularly with our employees through internal publications, communications campaigns and our intranet. These give information on events and developments within the company, as well as important HR issues such as employee benefits.  Employee morale and motivation are particularly important to us, and we take a measure of them every year through our employee engagement survey.

We are actively involved in social media, seeing this as an excellent way to engage not just with our clients but our own people. We have our own Facebook page and company blogs, and encourage our employees to get involved in applications such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our formal Employee Forum gives our people the chance to join in discussion and dialogue with senior management, and allows management to consult with employees on particular issues. Any follow-up actions are minuted and monitored.

A whistle-blowing facility is in place so that any employee can raise their concerns on a confidential basis.

Looking specifically at sustainability, we seek to raise awareness and commitment among our employees through special initiatives such as our ‘Green Stars’ network of environmental champions. This focuses on the actions our employees can take as individuals, in areas such as transport emissions and cutting fuel costs through ideas like car-sharing. Our employees also have access to our Annual Report and Accounts and Sustainability Summary, and the sustainability information on our intranet and website.

We hold a dedicated volunteering month every year, and encourage everyone to get involved if they can.  We believe this is a great way for our employees to develop new skills, as well as playing an important role in their own communities. 
We see our suppliers as our partners and we work positively with them to deliver quality services, and promote new business opportunities and sustainable growth.

We continue to learn more about what it means to have a truly sustainable supply chain.  We meet regularly with our suppliers, both formally and informally, and this collaborative dialogue works both ways: they often bring us new ideas, and we can share our own sustainability expertise to help them improve.
For example we’ve supported several suppliers on issues such as ethical sourcing, monitoring environmental impacts, Life Cycle Assessments, and community volunteering.

Our 2013 Supplier Forum focused on SMEs and how we can best work with them as we grow, and they grow.

Supplier engagement is becoming critical in reducing risk. In our sustainability journey, we have continued our partnership with Ecodesk to track our suppliers’ performance and engage with them in a more effective way. As a result, 82% of our top 200 suppliers are now registered on the system.
Investors and shareholders
As well as publishing our Annual Report and Accounts and Sustainability Report, we have an on-going programme of investor meetings and road-shows.

We take part in market surveys and provide non-financial information both to investment analysts and to the sustainability research databases and indices compiled by EIRiS, PIRC, CDP, CR Index and the FTSE4Good Index. In each case, we assess our results against other comparable businesses and use this analysis to identify areas for improvement. We also seek feedback from the organisations who compile these indices, so that we can improve our scores each year.

In the Carbon Disclosure Project 2012 Investors Report Mitie received a rating of 63 and Performance score of C.
In the Business in the Community CR Index 2013 Mitie received a classification of Platinum with an overall score of 95%.
This year, we conducted a detailed and independent survey of our clients to establish which issues they consider most material to Mitie, and whether we are adequately addressing and reporting on those issues.  We also surveyed over 50 of our top clients to measure satisfaction according to Net Promoter criteria. 

Our sustainability credentials form a key part of the materials we present in the prequalification and tender stages of every new contract, and we include discussions about sustainability opportunities and risks as part of our regular account meetings and performance reviews. Our sales and account manager teams are specially trained to ensure that they are fully aware of these issues, and able to discuss how our carbon and energy capabilities could help improve our clients’ environmental performance.

We participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project Suppliers Report and we were also asked to participate in the Johnson Controls Sustainability Rating survey last year. We were awarded 95%.

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