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Message from the CEO

It's our people, our clients, our valued suppliers and the communities and environment we work in, that make us who we are.

Message from CEOThe term sustainability can mean different things to different people. For me it’s about the long-term success of Mitie, from a commercial point of view, of course, but more importantly from a human perspective. What will people be saying about Mitie in 10 or 20 years’ time? What will our reputation be as an employer, a supplier, a partner? I want everyone at Mitie to think about this in their day-to-day job, which is why sustainability underpins our strategy and is ingrained in the way we do everything.

The results of our materiality analysis this year have shown that we are in line with our stakeholders’ needs in terms of priorities. It was good to see that ethical behaviour and health and safety, two topics I am passionate about, are also at the top of our stakeholders’ concerns.

Our ethical business framework

A responsible company is one that will succeed and continue to grow, which is why we take our ethical business framework very seriously. Introduced in 2014, our code of conduct, One Code, provides the guidance and support necessary for everyone at Mitie to behave in the right way. It helps our people understand Mitie’s values and the responsible behaviours that underpin them. One Code remains a key part of our induction programme as well as a priority in our internal communication plans throughout the year, and we operate a confidential Speak Up service for anyone wishing to make a complaint outside the usual management channels.

Health and safety

Health and safety remains a key priority for the group. This year we delivered further enhancements through continued promotion of our award-winning Work Safe Home Safe! employee engagement programme. This has resulted in improvements in all our health and safety measures.

  • RIDDOR reportable rate: 3% improvement
  • Over 7 day reportable rate: 4% improvement
  • Over 7 + Over 3 day rate: 6% improvement
  • Total recordable rate (Major, >7 and <3 day): 6% improvement
  • Total days lost: 14% improvement
  • Near miss reporting: 22% improvement

Our people are our greatest asset

Employee engagement, and employee satisfaction and retention were also top of the list in our materiality analysis – both for the business and for our stakeholders. This shows our stakeholders truly understand that Mitie is a people business; without engaged and motivated employees, we would not be the business we are today.

We put a lot of time and effort into understanding our employees better this year – with the addition of a culture team and a more in-depth employee survey – and thanks to the insight we now have, we will be working on various projects to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction over the coming months.

Environmental impact

This year we have decided to put more focus on the evaluation of our environmental impact and we have been working with the Carbon Trust to assess our policies, processes and performance.

I am delighted to report that we have received certification from the Carbon Trust for the whole of Mitie which demonstrates the quality of our approach in this key area.

I’m really proud of our people who continue to work hard to help us meet our targets. Together, we’re building a business that is all about long-term relationships with clients, our people and the communities in which we work.

Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE,
Chief Executive

Mitie is a Times top 50 Employer for Women

Sustainability report 2016

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