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What we've focused on

Our people come from a huge range of cultures and experiences. The fresh thinking and passion they bring to work every day is a direct result of that diversity. In order to attract, recruit, develop and retain the very best people at all levels, we’re committed to embracing all talent across our company.

In 2010 we set up an independently-chaired Diversity Steering Group who oversee the group’s diversity agenda and set key objectives for the year. This year we welcomed a number of senior additions to the group plus more diverse representation from across the company – showing just how much importance we place on diversity. From this, each business area has produced a detailed action plan, outlining their priorities for the coming year that will best drive forward the diversity agenda.

Race and gender
Over the last year, several areas of the business have actively focused on and been recognised for their significant work in race and gender.

Two separate areas of Mitie gained gold status in Business in the Community’s (BITC) diversity benchmarking, scoring 72% and 76.8% for gender and 74% and 74.5% for race. This score was calculated based on data and supporting evidence.

Working with Remploy
Our partnership with Remploy, the UK’s leading provider of specialist employment services to people who experience complex barriers to work, has gone from strength to strength. Since we started working with the charity in 2006, we’ve employed a total of almost 400 people and currently work with 78 Remploy candidates. We work closely with Remploy to provide work experience opportunities, share information, and develop a range of appropriate recruitment processes to attract disabled talent.

How we performed


score based on question in Misay survey 'Do you feel Mitie recognises and values people's differences?'


winner of Directing Diverse Talent Award 2014, Opportunity Now

TOP 50

The Times' Top 50 Employers for Women 2015 five times in a row

Looking ahead

We will further develop our partnership with Remploy, continuing to raise awareness and opportunities for people with complex barriers to work – with a target to recruit 400 new employees by mid-2016/17.

We will publish disability data for the first time in next year’s report to support our tracking of progress in this key area.
Building on the success of the Women at Work Network, we will be launching three new employee networks, to discuss issues around race, disability and sexual orientation. All of our networks are to be inclusive and accessible for all Mitie people.

At a minimum, we aim to maintain our Business in the Community benchmarking scores, with regards to both race and gender, in line with new diversity scoring methods being introduced in 2015. As part of this, we will develop a Diversity Forum with several key clients to share areas of diversity challenge and work collaboratively to achieve success.

We have already started planning a Diversity Week for September 2015 and we look forward to many Mitie people attending training, networking events and taking part in workshops throughout the country.

Sustainability report 2016
Women of Work

Mitie's Women of Work Committee was established in October 2013 to raise women's profile in business.

Women of Work

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