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What we've focused on

We value our employees highly and the work that they do, and so ensuring they feel fully engaged with Mitie is a key priority for us.

Getting it right, from the beginning
It’s essential that our people receive a good induction into Mitie. To facilitate this, we’ve set up regional induction programmes – inviting everyone who has joined us within the past few months and giving them the opportunity to learn more about our company in a location that’s close to home. The live induction events are then supported by an induction eLearning course available to all employees from any computer, at any time – this helps to keep the content fresh and accessible pre and post the induction event.

The results of our annual employee engagement survey show significant improvements in learning and development. More and more Mitie people are making use of information and tools we’ve made available, such as an online career pathway tool and our eLearning portal.

Our induction programmes run parallel to our regional employee roadshows. Hosted all across the UK and aimed at all employee levels, we encourage people to attend at least one event, helping them to learn more about the company, network with other Mitie people, share business ideas and hopefully take away something new. This year we held seven employee roadshows. Delivered by our senior directors and attended by over 1,200 Mitie people across the country, these events have been a huge success and we are planning another seven over the next 12 months.

Active engagement
Working through the recommendations from research we carried out last year on communications and engagement, we have made some significant changes to our employee extranet, Milife. By giving more people access to electronic payslips via the portal, and adding a volunteering calendar where people can view and sign up to volunteering events across the country, employees now have more reasons to regularly visit the site. Thanks to these changes and some slight tweaks to the design of the site, we have increased our active users (ie those who access Milife more than once per month) by 14%.

Following recommendations from the research again, we have continued with our monthly CEO email updates and launched a quarterly online newsletter. Both newsletters have a subscription format, and over the year subscriptions have risen steadily from employees who are not based in a Mitie office – an encouraging sign that they are actively looking for the content. Both newsletters are produced by a central communications team, with input from all areas of the business, and going forward we are looking to produce more bespoke options for each business area to increase the amount of very relevant content for each employee group.

How we performed


employee engagement score


Mitie people attended business update roadshows, a 20% increase on last year


people are actively using Milife, our employee extranet portal, to view their payslips, download forms and policies and read news from around the business

Looking ahead
This year’s Misay results have highlighted some areas we need to address over the coming year. Our employees told us that they have pride and commitment in their roles, and through open communication with their managers they can make a big contribution to the success of Mitie but that we need to work harder at the induction programme for new employees to allow them to do an effective job.

With such a remote, diverse workforce, it can be challenging to communicate with and more importantly receive feedback from all our employees. Going forward, we will be exploring new and different ways to capture feedback from all our employee groups, and spend more time understanding why some are not responding to the engagement survey on a regular basis. Moving forward, we will also look at alternative methods of measuring our engagement score, ie the participation and response rate across the Mitie population.

Last year we stated ‘our objective in the next three years is to merge both our intranet and extranet to ensure all Mitie employees, regardless of where they work, have the same tools available to them.’ We have now started this journey and are exploring new technology that will help connect employees with the things that matter to them, in an easy to use way. Over the next 12 months we will be looking at how we can personalise the content of the employee portal to make it as relevant and useful as possible for every single individual.
Sustainability report 2016

Milife was developed to allow our people to find the information required to deliver a world-class service.


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