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Talent and development

What we've focused on

The focus on developing leaders remains a core priority. Nurturing talent is really important for us, as it is these people who are critical to delivering sustainable, profitable growth.

Over the year, we carried out a series of workshops with over 70 leaders from all business areas to identify and define the future performance expectations of a leader in Mitie. As a result of these workshops we’ve developed a structured leadership framework which details what leaders need to be doing now and demonstrating in the future to be truly effective in their role.

Plans are now progressing to embed the performance expectations into leadership recruitment, development and talent management processes, ensuring consistency across our business.

Key accounts programme
Launched last year, our key accounts programme offers a bespoke training programme for client facing people, in middle to senior management roles. The primary focus of the key accounts programme, tailored to our most senior account directors and future leaders and delivered by Manchester Business School, is to encourage aspirational thinking and develop a high performance mindset.

The programme consists of three intensive workshops covering strategy, customer relationships and commercial awareness. Delegates are tasked with creating a business plan for their account. They then receive one-on-one performance coaching from Manchester Business School tutors focused on their individual learning needs.

We have continued to develop our eLearning platform and now have over 200 courses available to all employees. Accessibility to training, via the eLearning platform, has proven to be pivotal to the successful implementation of core, company-wide initiatives such as the new Code of Conduct launched in July 2014. As at end March 2015, over 4,500 people had completed the eLearning course.

How we performed


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Looking ahead
We are really proud of our apprenticeship programme. Our apprentices complete a valuable role and they get the opportunity to gain a range of nationally recognised qualifications.

Building on previous success, the apprenticeship programme will now be launched within MiHomecare for the first time, with up to 500 employees gaining national accreditation for their skills and experience at levels 2, 3 and 5.

With an increased focus on developing our senior leaders, we will roll-out our leadership framework across all business areas next year. Key to developing our leaders is engagement, and so we’ve decided to carry out another series of interactive and engaging workshops.

A new and succession planning approach to identifying talent will be introduced, using this same framework, for all senior leaders and for roles identified as being of critical importance to future business success. This approach will be centred on the skills and competencies needed to enable the delivery of sustained profitable growth.

We will continue to develop our eLearning platform; with ease of use and accessibility for remote workers being two key priorities.

Sustainability report 2016
The Learning Zone

Mitie has developed it's very-own training portal 'The Learning Zone'

The Learning Zone

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