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What we've focused on

We think it’s only right that companies take greater responsibility for what happens in their supply chain. We want all of our suppliers to share our own high sustainability standards, and we’re doing what we can to help them improve their performance.

With over 10,000 suppliers ranging from large global enterprises to sole traders, across a variety of industry sectors and markets, we ensure that our approach to sustainability is relevant across the entire spectrum of suppliers.

To support this, we make sure that we work as one team across Mitie, delivering on our commitments and constantly adding value in collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers.

Team structure
With an ever-growing range of services and associated suppliers, this year we have restructured our procurement teams and increasingly devolved much of our supplier engagement activity to a local level. We now have a model whereby we have both central category specialists, to manage larger projects and establish supplier relationships, alongside a local offering. This enables our local business supply chain to embed Mitie’s sustainability approach into businesses at a local level.

Action in the community
Our procurement teams have built up strong relationships with a number of our supply chain partners by getting involved with volunteering events organised by the Mitie Foundation. Some of our construction product suppliers and manufacturers have donated materials for community refurbishment projects and our waste contractors have removed and processed waste materials free of charge. Our procurement team also play an active role volunteering as business mentors in schools and colleges.

Environmental management
We have continued our partnership with energy and emissions data tracking portal Ecodesk, improving the roll-out to our suppliers, with 82% of our top 200 suppliers now registered on the system.

How we performed


We engage with other 10,000 suppliers


sustainability audits carried out


this year, 82% of our top 200 suppliers have registered with Ecodesk

Looking ahead
Following an extensive review of our existing processes and targets, this year we’ll continue to focus on a business-specific approach to sustainability with the re-launch of a procurement strategy. The new strategy will underpin all our activities as we further embed our beliefs and values into the supply chain.

Its foundations will include defining targets for sustainability within all supply chain teams, and raising awareness of sustainable procurement throughout the organisation with the introduction of a company-wide communication campaign around purchasing and the introduction of a central purchasing help desk.

We will also set in motion a quarterly sustainability forum to include representatives from both suppliers and Mitie. The objectives of the forum will be to further improve our collaboration with our suppliers, share best practice, and review areas where we can improve our approach to sustainability.

Our focus on empowering individual businesses and teams will continue, and we will play an active role in sustainability programmes or forums that are close to their operations.

Next year, a key area for us to concentrate on is our further enhancement and roll-out of Ecodesk to our suppliers. We are committed to intelligent sourcing and will set out key sustainability criteria in all sourcing reviews.
Sustainability report 2016
Food and sustainability

Gather & Gather source good, fresh, healthy food from accross the British Isles and Ireland.

Food and sustainability

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