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Our flagship programme, Ready2Work (R2W) is an eight week long, operational work programme for unemployed people in the UK and is currently setting the bar for others to follow when it comes to employment strategy for those struggling in a highly competitive UK jobs market.

The Mitie Foundation, in partnership with JobCentre Plus (JCP), offers selected candidates the opportunity to work within Mitie or with one of Mitie’s clients, suppliers or a business partner and concentrates on developing their talents and skills with the ultimate goal that they will secure full time employment.  There is a lot of competition to get onto our programmes and candidates (typically between 15 and 20) are selected during a series of open days held at local JCP offices.

In practical terms, R2W offers participants a one week training course (pre-placement week) delivered by the Foundation team followed by seven weeks of on the job training, both elements helping to develop key transferable employability skills. The pre-placement week is specifically designed to clarify workplace expectations and participants are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones in order to develop confidence and communication skills. A key focus is on CV’s and interview techniques as these are often the two main barriers (in addition to lack of relevant work experience) that prevent candidates securing employment.  During the programme, many candidates do end up securing work at their placement sites, however for those that are still seeking employment at the end of the eight weeks we will offer continued support by looking for job opportunities and help with job applications etc.

During the programme all candidates are assigned an on-site mentor who will ensure the work experience they are receiving is relevant and beneficial and they will also conduct three appraisals during the course of the seven weeks.  This helps give focus to the candidate’s learning and also flags any areas for development.  The candidates are also assigned to one of the Foundation team, who will provide out of hours mentoring support where necessary.
The scheme operates four to five times a year, primarily in London and other large cities throughout the UK. At the end of each programme there is an awards ceremony, where every candidate receives a certificate of completion and then an overall “winner”, selected by their peers, is presented with a prize.


If you are a Mitie employee and you would like to support your local community, please contact us to see how you can get involved.

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Kim's story

Ready2Work programme guide

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