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Work Experience

The Work Experience scheme is The Mitie Foundation's agile employability programme, running continuously during the year at any geographical location.

The Foundation works in partnership with JobCentre Plus (‘JCP’), Work Programme and Work Choice providers to source candidates from as diverse a background as possible. The skill set required for the work placement is provided to these organisations and the Foundation team then screens candidates they put forward.  The work placement site is then also given the opportunity to interview any shortlisted candidates prior to accepting them onto the programme.

The duration of the work experience can be between two and eight weeks, however we recommend four weeks as this typically provides enough time for the candidate to understand the key components of the role, without it becoming onerous for either party in the unlikely event that placement isn’t what the candidate was looking for. During this time a member of the Foundation team will provide CV and interview training and also signpost the candidate to any current vacancies on the Mitie internal website. Each candidate is also assigned an on-site mentor who will perform two appraisals during the course of the work placement and provide on the job training and guidance.

Businesses can use this programme as a means of sourcing candidates for their own apprenticeship programmes or for entry level jobs (as long as appropriate mentoring is provided during the work placement).


If you are a Mitie employee and you would like to support your local community, please contact us to see how you can get involved.

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