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Volunteering and Foundation Ambassadors

The Mitie Foundation co-ordinates all of Mitie's community engagement initiatives including our extensive people volunteering programme.

We make the most of Mitie’s people power and their significant range of skills by encouraging them to undertake volunteering projects aligned with The Foundation’s vision of raising aspirations and unlocking people’s true potential.

Our focus is directed mainly to support education, enterprise and employability activities in schools, colleges, social enterprises and community organisations that share our vision and values.

More than 1,000 volunteering days are undertaken by Mitie people every year. A dedicated volunteering calendar on Mitie’s intranet (which is also available by email) helps Mitie employees to search for volunteering opportunities throughout the UK.

The co-ordination of some of these volunteering activities is actually undertaken by dedicated Foundation Ambassadors who share the Foundation’s passion for community engagement.  Currently we have more than 30 Foundation Ambassadors across all Mitie business divisions and by meeting quarterly we ensure that our voice is communicated far and wide.

Paddy Stanley, Director for Mitie Technical Facilities Management:

“Attending a Foundation event is often a welcome reminder of why we work at Mitie. The young people I have met on these days, restores my confidence in the future of the UK.  Clients and colleagues alike really get a lot out of these days away from the day to day issues, and often find collaboration easier to achieve."

Laurence Allen, Regional Facilities Manager :

"One of the best things about any Foundation activity for me is sharing experiences with other people who are passionate about what they are doing; whether it’s teaching and nurturing younger people or managing a volunteering day in a care home. 

"I have enjoyed rallying Mitie colleagues together and the working relationships forged from bringing people out of their usual environment into something a bit different."


If you are a Mitie employee and you would like to support your local community, please contact us to see how you can get involved.

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